About us

About us

Where the divine Olympus meets the emerald beaches, within the embrace of the Aegean Sea, Mitsopoulos Athanasios has built twelve cozy apartments.

It is located in the east of Larissa (40 km) .In order to arrive here you cross the marvelous valley of Tempi.In addition it is not too far from Thessaloniki only 100km. The beach of Messagala  is well known for its aesthetic and ecological value. Due to crystal blue water our beach has been awarded with blue flags. Apart from that its sand is suitable to heal those who suffer from arthritis. Our place is appropriate for family holidays not only in the summer but also the in the autumn.

In Messagala there is a remarkable wetland where various bird species visit it throughout the year. Our area gives also the chance for amateur fishing all along its coastline. At Pinios Delta one can do canoeing and kayaking.

The visitor, after having enjoyed the endless blue sea with the golden sand, can also visit the impressive Meteora with the Byzantine monasteries or the majestic Tempi and the historic Ambelakia.
A visitor should never forget to visit the Ancient Dion, the castle of Platamonas and of course the divine and  mythical Olympus mountain.

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