Room 1

Welcome to Olympusseahouse

Between the green mountains of Olympus and Kissavos, a dreamy seaside accommodation has been established named MESSAGALA (in the arms of Thermaikos Golf).
Here we have placed our dreams, we embraced them with love, sun and sea breeze and we are looking forward to meeting you to share them at the Olympus Sea House. Situated  in a magnificent location, in front of the sea well prepared to offer you relaxation and serenity.In a revival and peaceful environment, where the rustling of the leaves and the song of the birds can only be heard. There, the vast of the sea meets  the blue of the sky.  Thanks to crystal blue water and the gifts of nature this place is out of this world.

Where the divine Olympus meets the emerald coast , in the arms of the Aegean are the rooms of Olympus Sea House under management of Mitsopoulos Athanasios.